Don’t practice in your garage, bedroom or basement!


Give your passion the room it deserves! Soul Studios are premium band and solo artist rehearsal rooms fully equipped with all the basics your band would need to get started. Of course you can bring your own stuff but both our rooms come as standard with:


  • 5 piece drum kit (minus cymbals)
  • P.A system with 2 vocal mics and 8 channel mixing desk
  • Bass amp
  • Guitar amp
  • Air conditioning
  • 2 x sturdy music stands
  • Headphone jack input to desk
  • 1 x guitar stand

Rehearse and learn in style!


The rehearsal rooms aren’t just for bands, we have many solo players who simply don’t have the gear or the space at home who come to us.

So if you’re a solo artist who doesn’t have the space/equipment or are simply unable to make the kind of noise you want to make at home then give us a shout. 

There is ample parking at the back of the studio with direct access to the rear door of the studio for loading / unloading.

It’s a short walk from the bus / train station and we’re open basically all day, everyday!

Payment is simple and straightforward. Book your time slot, pay via PayPal and  that’s it, you’re booked in! We’ll then send you the info you’ll need.

We have tea and coffee making facilities, plus an always clean and tidy toilet!

Talking of info, if you’d like to know more or simply see the rooms before booking then just drop us a line: or text / call 07734 865068 and we’ll be happy to answer any queries.

Happy jammin’!

Can’t wait to jam?

Choose your room and rehearsal slot!